Hospital staff do receive disability awareness / equality training. 100.000000 Search for stock images, vectors and videos. NO. Continue past the Richardson Unit where the ward is located on the right. VocwXPem4qk3m7VLvS9CmvbQqJ42QKWHIfE4B2+nFXn/APysnzN/PD/yLH9cVd/ysnzN/PD/AMix S/1o3UfL+j6jfWN/e2wmu9NcyWUpZgY2alTRSA32R9quQhmlEEA7S5s54oyIJG8eSHn8o6BNN9Ya PROCESS We make riding to Leazes Wing (Rvi) easy, which is why over 1.5 million users, including users in Newcastle Upon Tyne, trust Moovit as the best app for public transit. 817GGMHyjaXE9vvDdSLEZlqgR/iWVSSwG/3dNsM8umkf7wi/x3JhHVxA/dxJHXa/vSHyt5F/NDSN The ramp/slope is located in front of the entrance. This accessible toilet is located past reception and to the left along the corridor. 45.000000 bcirOl1IrdhwiZT9/qYqyjFXxNeosd7cRqOKpI6hfABiKZ3sDYD53lFTI81HJMHYq7FXYq9y/wCc Licenses and pricing; 1 This accessible toilet is approximately 29m (31yd 2ft) from the reception. C=100 M=95 Y=5 K=0 100.000000 The intercom is not in a suitable position to allow wheelchair users to gain access. Hyatt Place New Taipei City Xinzhuang offers essential modern . Find parking charges, opening hours and a parking map of all New Victoria Wing (RVI) car parks, street parking, pay and display, parking meters and private garages. C=0 M=50 Y=100 K=0 0.000000 0.000000 /fm6IhjiTtEPP3kzSEbMj0fXHlLQxoPlrTtI5B2s4FjkcdGk6yMK9i5NM4vUZfEyGXeXu9Pi8PHG Brights 0.000000 All rights reserved. Kekazse32ZXOFWJf848QsPJd5cueUlzqErlu5AiiG/01xV6jirsVdirsVdiqH1DUbLTrSS7vZlgt 8WP44qmOKuxVIEuWbzw1ueBEdgzKaLzAMse3L7VDiqr51vvqPk/WrutGisrgp/rmMhf+GIy/Sw4s 20.000000 80.000000 S.F 0=R!&?S\0/f(EDHK?#)AZJq Department of Blood Sciences - RVI Level 3 Leazes Wing Royal Victoria Infirmary Queen Victoria Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4LP. Share #95 of 879 coffeehouses in Newcastle upon Tyne #378 of 1484 cafes in Newcastle upon Tyne #352 of 498 restaurants with desserts in Newcastle upon Tyne . There is not a/are not door(s) into the waiting room / area. There is/are 4 designated Blue Badge parking bay(s) within the hospital car park. Payment signs do make it clear if parking charges apply to Blue Badge holders. As you face the toilet the wall-mounted grab rails are on both sides. The height of the toilet seat above floor level is 45cm (1ft 6in). Add to compare. v3e6v2/BwNLmMoCHo9J24vfff8OXX4ptqN5E1vfzXa+V76aW1vJSLdikyyB/tRs6MpasnJEWhbfu This information is for the entrance located to the left of the Blue Badge parking bays. PROCESS Mirrors are not placed at a lower level or at an angle for ease of use. Bookings; Leazes Wing (RVI) Now 2 hours. 85.000000 Standard toilet facilities for visitors are located on the level 3 corridor of the Leazes Wing. Standard toilet facilities are available. XQ3F/NEeLrADwWNXHxI0r9GG/FWoQaHFV48s6GB/vN8X+/Ob+pXx58udfpxVo+W9M34tdRg9RHeX jcVWTQwzwvDMiywyqUkjcBlZWFCCDsQRirze7j8xWX5gQQeX4E1OXTrJo7lriUxBLO5YtBBNKQ5Z 30.000000 4qQwUGuY08UuIkfj9TtsGrxDFGGQE0T02689/VvR6d1oRvK35mCW0lh1tY6TytcRPPJKEiMqtDQm Visitors only. 60.000000 The car parking facilities are for Blue Badge holders only. C=35 M=100 Y=35 K=10 The "iconic" Richardson Wing would house many of the hospital's specialist . 95.000000 Frutiger-Roman 0.003100 Documents are available in an alternative format and can be provided to include: Braille on request, large print on request, Makaton on request and different languages on request. UiVyNvHL8GmnlJEBdNGfUwxC5mgWP/8AK7/yv/6vX/Ttd/8AVHMn+S9R/N+0frcX+VdP/O+w/qVU LchtQYqwDzBPJF5d13zc4t7mSRFt9PDj1Yfq0kiRstO/KvE/5VSPtUyePGJy4TyLhdo6uemwnLD6 100.000000 Bix-Box Stores. 40.000000 ZVZLW8ZWc8VBDSkFjtQYVTPyZNBPpDTwTpcRSSsFmikWVGMarESsifC1SmKp7irsVdirsVQuqapZ 75.000000 Ward 42 will become . 50.000000 0.000000 The facility was opened in April 2005 by Professor Dame Sally Davies. It stops nearby at 05:05. Hospital bosses have unveiled a first look at a 190m new wing planned for Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary. Frutiger Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort provides special chargers for Tesla, EV, and hybrid vehicle owners. KstRQ7g5KMjEgjmGMoiQIPIvFvzm/K7y5pPlE6voFhFZPZTIbxvUlLNFKREAoYupPqOp7bZvezNf Hospital staff do receive disability awareness / equality training. 90.000000 50.000000 C4R/vxViP+B/NX/Vvf8A4KP/AJqxV3+B/NX/AFb3/wCCj/5qxVmohfSPyzuF1OJ0+q288lzEvFn4 There is not a play area or toys/books for a child to play with. There is written text signage on or near the toilet door. 9wY7mOYW3qpEnp8Hk4ScSHBk5cW5Ci071AOah+xEo6I8W/Tb6qvfy6bVfm9FzNdI7FWL61Oo89+X QOCFfzVWH/RPzNuU6JqukxS1PQyWU7If+EuVzCc1H+dlJ8ragAKngD9zqcVeMYFdir17yPKIfJdp Payment signs do make it clear if parking charges apply to Blue Badge holders. There is sufficient space to write or sign documents on the low section of the desk. CMYK aXYy317II7eIVY9SSeigdycsxYpTkIx5tWbNHHEykaAeIecfON55jvASDDYQk/Vrevj+2/ixH3Z0 CMYK 0.000000 100.000000 CtI4pXRd61+EGnfKp4YS3IBbsepyQFRkQPe9a8uflN5u1nR7bWv8VSQPqkEUjKVkkfgVJRWcyKdu 50.000000 The female and male toilet facilities that were surveyed are located past reception to the left along the corridor. 0.000000 CMYK 35.000000 vFFJLBPcpA8bTLXh8WxZTs3htXvTFOqo0Yy+VuaNGCAROHxNNr5ERYFnn1/SkiYKQsdwZJDyO44c 75.000000 NNqseaPFA2lup+R7CWZrvS3/AEbekEMEUNbyBiGIlgNF+IipK8TXvtlLkMe1rzl5m8o3UIvtJlut PROCESS UDE0RRe3/kl+Y2iaf5ZuNJ1y/is/qMvKzaZuPKKarFV7ni/In55z/aminLIJQF3zek7I10I4jCcg saved Leazes Park Not Covered - 43 spaces. Bus services 16, 15, 32 and 50 run from this stop. 4 2 hours. mMmJwpDEhSWIoAeJ3Pzx/MY/5wUaTLt6Zb+SAurW6tJ2t7qF7edKc4ZVKOtRUVVgCNjlsZAixuGm ojHiE4kdN9/kxzMlxGUflfc/VvzC0CStOV5HF1p/en0/+NsxNdG8Mvc5nZ8uHPA+f3ss/wCchf8A IPM/kby55jjP6QtgLmlEvIvgmXw+L9qng1RirBTpH5keQyX0mU67oKbm1YFnRfZKllp/kEjuRir0 hEiowAZzQU+/qc3SgcHKI/q8nX6w/vKuRqvq5/ax/MhxU18v6fol7PJHq2p/ouOiiGb0nm+MuORZ Adobe Illustrator CC 23.0 (Windows) EVjcTSmOGRFDH42BKwyJxK1eJutaL1oqn+m6pp2p2q3en3Md1bt0kiYMK+Bp0PscVRWKuxVjnnbz Check out this list of stops closest to your destination: Rvi-Dental Hospital; Rvi Hospital; Richardson Rd-Esther Campbell Crt; St Thomas Street-Rvi; Barrack Road-New Mills; Newcastle St Thomas Street; Claremont Rd-Claremont Pl; St James; Jesmond. 0.000000 Rvi Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne is 186 meters away, 3 min walk. 0.000000 AQBIAAAAAQAB/+4ADkFkb2JlAGTAAAAAAf/bAIQABgQEBAUEBgUFBgkGBQYJCwgGBggLDAoKCwoK 0.000000 CMYK Parking spaces for Blue Badge holders do not need to be booked in advance. MdeK8lb9t2p9nND2ZruADGI2SXoO1Oz/ABCcplQjHufP+dI8o7FXYq7FXYqmFj5i16wiEVlqNzbR 14 photos C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=10 Select from the list below to jump to Services that begin with that letter. 3H1bzVo1x/vm+tpPH7Eyn+GU6iN45D+ifub9KayxP9Ife9y/OP8ALU6ncXvmyfVktLaztFUQPCz1 yG5HrlGbNwVsS5el03i2OIRqufv/AEJ0nkIsVH6a04cjQEzbdF8B/lZjHX/0JfJzh2R/tkPmxeaP The height of the side of the bath from floor level is 52cm (1ft 8in). The nearest bus stop to the Leazes Wing entance is located on Richardson Road, opposite this entrance. uuid:5D20892493BFDB11914A8590D31508C8 VdirCV0fT2/M99Z5zDUI41szH8PoGJrdpOVacufJademKs2xV2KoTVNKsNUtfql/F61vzjl4cmX4 The nearest Metro Station is Haymarket. 48.000000 k9ffOfetVz5TvZ7eGO81q9MqRhJZraWW3Lt3egdgrV8NvbFUF/yrk9vNHmCvat9X/jTFUZb+VNTt Charge your car while you play, catch a show, or enjoy a meal! There are volunteers available for help and assistance at the hospital. Ken/AJ33qkX5uflxLXjrsAp15iRP+JKMB7Ozj+EpHaOA/wAYYn55/P3TNKkjt/LiQatJIgka6Lt6 0.000000 The contrast between the internal door and wall is good. 75.000000 uuid:5D20892493BFDB11914A8590D31508C8 xmp.iid:8b0ae760-91ad-f04a-aa1b-f6ffdff129d9 There is a chair with armrests on both sides. There is flooring in corridors with a very shiny finish which could cause issues with glare or be perceived as slippery. tinpi2aSBowQLYOshhuSrlg7gMJEt1NNviJ27Q/fEf2OQBoonv3/AKXfH9HF8l0Fz+bkaWDfVxJG Enter the Leazes wing and turn right down the corridor past the Leazes wing reception, follow the corridor and the Royal Victoria Infirmary is directly ahead. There is not an assistance dog toilet or toileting area on the hospital site. V5MGgIote1KipAOikDRIHq4evPby80/m4nkCfTxfDfz8kZc+crI6HreqWMbzxaRE7iUgCOV1gE9E iAYXXePO0j1ma4vb6e/Onx6fHKQfq9vG0cCbBaIprSvz65fjAiALv383EykyJlw8PuFBL8sak18p There is/are 5 bed(s) on this ward in total. 25.000000 False To obtain mobility aids please contact main reception. C=55 M=60 Y=65 K=40 C=0 M=35 Y=85 K=0 It stops nearby at 05:59. CgO1MRopAgSrckfL4Fl+aiQSO6/mmVr5y0q48ySeXwGW+jEjAiS3kVvS48qrDLJJGfi29VFrlUtN Tyvry69osGpi2ktDNyDW8v2lKkg0NBUHsaYqmuKuxV2KoSPR9Kj1KXVEtIl1GZRHLecB6rIooF59 rdxeSN6V2vCIRqsZanBEHLdetcoz6cAWHb9kdt5MmQYsnqMjz2FbdwDKNe0PzJDq+o61pdpa6lev The wash basin is placed higher than 74cm (2ft 5in). 30.000000 0+PzhJSktMTU5PRldYWVpbXF1eX1RlZmdoaWprbG1ub2R1dnd4eXp7fH1+f3OEhYaHiImKi4yNjo 3gMhPR5YC5RIDKGsxTNRkCWQZjOS8u/9eD/7df8ADFXqOKuxVRvbO2vrK4srpBLa3UbwzxEkBo5F The female and male toilets are approximately 30m (32yd 2ft) from the main entrance. 0uIAeLCu4d1oexGYM+0sMZGMjRHkXYx7KzyiJRFg+YfR/kPS73SvJ2k6dfR+leW1uqTx1DcW3JFV spiritual meaning of someone stealing from you. There is a mirror to aid reversing out of the lift. 77U8CMeLILkdh39XzZnVPHOxV2KuxV2Ko3TdE1bU1nbT7V7kWy+pP6YqVXfenXtlc8sYVxGrbcWn The height of the reception desk is high (110cm+). The best to worst hospitals across the country have been ranked in a new study. VfsH8Plml1XZZj6obju6vS6HtuOQ8OT0y7+n7E713yB5d1a7j1H6ulvqkLCSO7jUEM6mq+rH9mQV In the event that your stay as a patient exceeds 4 hours, please ask your ward or department to provide a long stay concession. C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=20 Now 2 hours. Charging Stations in Arlington. There is a space for a wheelchair user to wait within the seating area. 59.999100 HKo\+Zv(IH FD`|yGR5dMS/xuOK!w]5.4[/^~rqs|xws|{/\gqcw\Jw!\.}rLKpaQ/dy05/k ;5kV)T(Sl|'Sm)SGi4IPg[k|K%qD-gLLclESD|>RlKyIKr~+ENj-HK2\ The washroom surveyed has a wheel in shower, a bath, a toilet and a wash basin. CMYK By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. This link explains how to find the Royal Victoria Infirmary. PROCESS CMYK Barrack Road-New Mills, Nuns Moor is 286 meters away, 4 min walk. aYq//9k= CMYK There is not an assistance dog toilet or toileting area on the hospital site. Sru1VoN9zXCrK9DieLTI4n41jaVV4EEBRKwUVAG/GlcVR+KuxV2KuxV5J+b2sTTatBpSsRb2qCV1 95.000000 ci8ZEDr/ACsAR+OEGlpQfTNNenO0hbieS8o1NCO4qMkMku8seEdy3V9KstX02402+QyWl0npzICV There is ramped/sloped access at this entrance. 79.998800 Online. The dimensions of the lift are 150cm x 280cm (4ft 11in x 9ft 2in). A9M5A1fkwjp+GRMvVCJHEYnvTq280eVYLKK2ttS8w2SqJi1vBcJ6CkpWNYxWoX1FXrvTvtlMsGQm St James is 2102 meters away, 28 min walk. +DlJWWl5iZmpucnZ6fkqOkpaanqKmqq6ytrq+v/aAAwDAQACEQMRAD8A9U4q7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7 The nearest stations to Leazes Wing (Rvi) are: These Bus lines stop near Leazes Wing (Rvi): 308, 309, 32, 32A, 36, 44, X77. Blue Badge Scheme rules apply and the badge should only be used when the holder is present either at point of arrival or departure. xKfcHFXnV1+XHmvyxcPf+SNQd4SeUumTlfi9t6Rv9NCPHFUw8vfm9YyXH6O8zWzaLqaUV2kVhCW9 0.000000 nkTUbjUPKlhc3FTNwaNnP7XpOYw3vULv75yWuxiGaQHJ7/szMcmCMjz/AFbJ9mI5zsVdiqlc2tvc 2020-02-04T08:57:37Z Volunteers can be found at the information point on the first floor. No hospital staff receive deaf awareness training. CMYK 50.000000 Disposal facilities are available in the cubicle. The nearest bus stop to the Royal Victoria Infirmary main entrance is located on St Thomas Street. 0.000000 The nearest National Rail station is Newcastle. There is a Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) at the hospital. endstream endobj 3 0 obj <> endobj 6 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 1190.55 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 7 0 obj <>stream C=80 M=10 Y=45 K=0 Parking Third Floor. Please consider car sharing when visiting patients to help the Trust maintain capacity in the car parks for patients attending appointments and avoid leaving the vehicle in the car park if going into Newcastle once visiting has finished. The wash basin can be reached from seated on the toilet. nY+WdJnnYrLqIglms7LflJ6KF2JpXioA3JyGSXDElydHgGbLGBNcRp495H/PzznqXma30/ULSC9h He is [] 0.000000 420.000000 The nearest designated Blue Badge parking bay is approximately 46m (50yd 11in) from the main Leazes Wing entrance. The route from the car park to the entrance is accessible to a wheelchair user with assistance. There is space for an assistance dog to rest within the seating area. The alarm was out of reach (higher than 10cm (4") from floor) when surveyed. When entering the Leazes Wing entrance pass reception and turn left. This venue does not play background music. PROCESS St James and Jesmond are the nearest underground stations to Leazes Wing (Rvi) in Newcastle Upon Tyne. CMYK JfW4xhlZWC1r17iHhZO9sGr0tEGHQdK3rfrtvv1a07yv+Z6fVGvdaQmCRGljSd3V19eAyV5RDkDC The Blue Badge bay(s) is/are clearly marked and signposted. X9BTrbMGZ41HglS6bfyEr4jFWV+VPzO8teYeMCy/UdQOxs7ghSW8I3+y/wCv2xVl2KuxV2KuxVh7 297.000000 There are no standard toilet facilities on the ward for visitors. You can get to RVI Leazes Wing by Bus or Underground. A mobile hoist is not available on the ward. C=35 M=60 Y=80 K=25 0.000000 C=0 M=80 Y=95 K=0 Mobility aids are available to help patients move around and include; wheelchairs. PROCESS We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience, Hospital Parking (Leazes Wing Entrance), Outside Access (Leazes Wing Main Entrance), Leazes Wing - Dental Hospital Building Link, Leazes Wing - Royal Victoria Infirmary Internal Building Link, To view the web page described above click here (opens in new tab), Additional hospital services link (new tab) - click here, Availability and Location of Standard Toilets, Access to Standard Female and Male Toilet(s), Royal Victoria Infirmary Main Entrance link (new tab) - click here. The YEL is the first Underground that goes to Leazes Wing (Rvi) in Newcastle Upon Tyne. CMYK There is a Changing Places facility at this hospital which is located on Level 3 in the Victoria Wing. The side room surveyed does not have a ceiling track hoist. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. s1AehYdujHFk6lcmq0m/DDn5eUq69/D8kL/hf8ydM0lfR1MOtvbwQtZ27vQpDDZq6wKsXwFniuPi This link explains how to find the Royal Victoria Infirmary. 65.000000 Newcastle St Thomas Street, Newcastle upon Tyne is 365 meters away, 5 min walk. omqpo3mb4JigddQiidIyCxC+pEasrcQCeJZd8VZXNbaJrtlFKwivLc/vLa4jbdSducUqEMje6kHF PROCESS Do not cause an obstruction to traffic or access to buildings. C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=50 CMYK 0.000000 50.000000 0.000000 19.999700 Inside the venue, there is level access to the female and male toilets. TJ8MUvsH4HxY4qqjzRooFJpzbzf8s88ckc1R2WNlDN/sa17Yqx02/mxfMd75h0Gyheyv4oIJ7LUH There are no side rooms available with an accessible ensuite. 0r8tPJWmajPqUGmxyXs8rzGab97wLsWpGrfCgFduIr75l5NdlnERMtg4mPQ4YSMhH1E/j3MmdFdS 3oKDJfKuveTvNMM+paGIrlbC5ezknMBjZJo1V2VTIqt9mRTUbb4fElVWUcI7mRZBk7FXYq7FVskU 100.000000 Visit Hospital website. 0.000000 Cars:NT$30/hourMonthly Ticket NT$4,800. S7VwD+L7Czj2NqD0r4hPNH/Lz86NCg4aZbxCINI/1f1bV1ZpoxE5IlPE/ANq/wATlGTW6TIfUfvc (Please note this link will only work from a Trust computer) . rS1QR28ChI0HYD55opzMiSeZenx4xCIjHkFbIs3Yq7FXYq7FUDrGhaRrNqbXVLSO6h34hxupPdGH The route from the car park to the entrance is accessible to a wheelchair user with assistance. There is not a colostomy changing shelf for standing users next to the toilet. The main hospital entrance to the Royal Victoria Infirmary is located off Queen Victoria Road. The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) is located in the ground floor Atrium. 50.000000 Walmart is known for offering free RV overnight parking. Tariffs are in place across all of our hospital sites and signage is in place. The toilet roll holder is not placed higher than 100cm (3ft 3in). You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. HcEnsZ4h+YGoW6yO0jESyRiOTgtLWFVrIU9Pkf5Q9adspbmWyRpIjRyKHRwQyMKgg9QQcVef+Yvy bD6T45ps/aOKEjDg+ku/wdnZpwE/FI4gPxzT1vy08/adpE8UHmqOVIo+axvZo7N6SsVQu5c0bma1 If our guide needs updating - just let us know using this form. The height of the towel dispenser is 110cm (3ft 7in). HXy5DpyYHTwPT7Sh4fJGmrrp1KRITbxWI02xs4ojGI7f9oO3NuZ3IWirRSRv1yR1UuDh63ZPmxjp 0.000000 PROCESS C=5 M=0 Y=90 K=0 Yq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYql+q6Dpmp8GuYqTxGsNzGeE0ZHQq43+g7YqkNzpPmDSBcT6SyHk3qhURjG7V RVI Map Please do not park on double yellow lines, red lines, pavements or hatched areas. 10.000000 The cistern is not close coupled and no back rest is provided. 8w61pLhrC8kgANfTBrGfmhqp+7KMunhk+oW5WDWZcX0SI+75PS/Kf5p2t86WesqtrctRUuV2hc/5 Mirrors are not placed at a lower level or at an angle for ease of use. 0.000000 100.000000 C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=5 CMYK CMYK IQ4+nx/SPutlHURMzDr8P1386SofmF9Xvb+0u7KW5mivLyG0SzVKmCyhhmkaQzSxrypOenWnj1u/ Version 1.0a Out of hours enquiries please contact 0191 3336161 and request security. /T1d3oTEYiCZG/4Y8+7pv+jemT2lpb2NoTa2tn5ThlvEZbrUJFW9kt4lBMaLK0oWuxIYsGDA0KnM The email address for the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) is. Menu ceramic cutting tools advantages and disadvantages. jCTxrT/UaI4q9XxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV Filter. 100.000000 The car park does not have a barrier control system. CMYK Access to Ward 31A is via the Leazes Wing entrance. There is a shelf within the accessible toilet. xmp.iid:ae91868f-25a7-1844-992a-f7fd8b19e2da x417de+R/MTsG9x+lIwxAqtnWflPQLPUv0lbWzJd85pFPqzMivckGYpEzmNeZFTxXGWonKPCTt8O PROCESS dYji9cTrdGGCWHlx9SNXR2O+xFa+2Kpknm7W7G8tYPMGiGxt7uVbeK/guEuIhLIaIrrxR0BO1cVZ 79, Section 3, New Taipei Blvd., Xinzhuang District New Taipei City, Taiwan, 242032 Phone +886 2 8522 9980. s98VZBY6jZX8PrWcyzRglWK9VYbFWU7qw7g74qgJ7TU7PUbnUbNEvUuhGJrZj6cyiJaAQyE8CNyQ fU9UU6Pqang8NwaRlulBIQvE+zgfTirOgQRUbg9DirsVdirsVdiryj8oWGjebvN3lOX4GhuTd2cf The contrast between the wall-mounted grab rail(s) and wall is good. jMi8hzmc/aB3pWmRlqJSPqNi77v0eTIYRG+HY1X3/rdoPlbTtI8tx6AoE9qI3juCwp6vq19QkVJo The nearest bus stop to Leazes Wing (Rvi) in Newcastle Upon Tyne is a 2 min walk away. 0.000000 Magenta Add to wishlist. PROCESS 5.000000 0.000000 gDd3HY+qnOchIk7Jd/zkg7HzJpUZPwLZlgPdpWB/4iMu7EH7uXvcft8+uPueRZunQOxV2KuxV2Ku There are not wall-mounted grab rails available. 0.000000 29.998800 PROCESS CMYK Volunteers can be found at the information point on the first floor. The colour contrast between the washroom floor and walls is good. VW9BuRZepP8AknNVlrxTvj+PP8bu6wf3Q2y/A7d3f5fjZh3nuaWTzDJHJeX18YIooxLqfP6wvwBy dirsVeN/85L/APHD0b/mKk/5N5vOw/rl7nR9u/3cff8AofPudG8w7FXYq7FXYqm1z5T8yQXE0J02 For our current job vacancies, please visit the careers section. EwjzNfe+Ss7N4V2KuxV2KuxV2KvrD8p7y0n8g6NHDMkkkVsFlRWBZSGYfEOo3Gcb2jEjNK+97rs6 yvLqIyiQHO7N7Fz4c8ZyrhHn5F7NmC9e7FXYq7FXYqxnULGaTz/pV78Jgt7SaMgn4g81SCo+UZBP If you need any further information about parking at any of our hospital sites please contact our Transport Department on0191 223 1353or